CTA for 100 Days infant with Single Ventricle Defect

A single ventricle defect is a type of heart defect that a child is born with. It occurs when one of the two pumping chambers in the heart, called ventricles, isn’t large enough or strong enough to work correctly. In some cases, the chamber might be missing a valve. Single ventricle defects are rare, affecting only about five out of 100,000 newborns. They are also one of the most complex heart problems, usually requiring at least one surgery.

Purpose of study
The objective of this study is to enable the reviewer to gain an understanding of the technique know-how, on Computed Tomographic Imaging, and the strengths and limitation of CT Angiogram for evaluation of the single ventricle disease.

Materials and Methods
A retrospective review of CT Angiogram performed in February was conducted. The study was performed using Aquilion Prime 160 slice CT Scan (Toshiba).Other multislice CT scans could have been used for better resolution of anatomy and pathologies. Other imaging studies such as X-ray & Echocardiography were done before CTA. CTA was requested for correlation and pre-operation assessment.

Diagnostic information for this case is Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV), overriding Pulmonary Artery (PA), Moderate Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). The case was proceeded for PA Banding (PAB) by Australian Team and the patient is doing well right now.

CTA plays important role of imaging for single ventricle disease not only for pediatric but also for adult patient as well. As for pediatric, heart rate is normally high and difficult to control before and after scanning to maintain patient condition. This study was supported by one of the Vietnamese Cardiologist from Medic Medical Centre because of the first time diagnosis with CT for 100 Days Infants with Single Ventricle Defect in Yangon.

Main Author    : Ms. Mya Ni Lar Cho {B. Med Tech(Medical Imaging Technology)}

Co Author       : Mr. Thu Rane Oo {B. Med Tech(Medical Imaging Technology)}

Reviewed by   : Dr. Kyaw Swar Myint (Consultant Radiologist)

  Parami General Hospital (PGH), Yangon

Republic of Union of Myanmar

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