Haematology is the science dealing with the formation, composition, functions and diseases of the blood.

If your doctor has any doubt concerning your health in the aspect of blood disorders, you will be ordered to undergo various tests to detect the specific abnormality in you.

Sysmex®XT2000i is a fully automated Haematology Analyzer and is of use to perform Blood for Complete Blood Picture which is frequently done in all kinds of illness.

We also do routine haematological tests like:
Haemoglobin Estimation (Hb%), ESR, Blood ABO & Rh Grouping
Blood Coagulation Profile like Prothrombin Time PT/INR, APTT, Fibrinogen, Factors VIII, IX, D-Dimer, FDP, VonWillebrand Factor
Serum Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Ferritin for Iron Study
Haemoglobin Electrophoresis, Singer’s Test(HbF), G6PD, Coomb’s Test,
CD4count,etc., etc.