Microbiology deals with the science of micro-organisms — very tiny creatures which are causing trouble to man but which are not directly visible with the unaided naked eye. It means we have to use some apparatus i.e. a sort of a magnifying lens — a microscope, to be able to detect them. Moreover, there are other ways and means to find the small microbes that are causing illness to man and which we need to identify in due time before they cause unavoidable damage to human lives.

Thus, for this purpose, we have qualified medical personnels who can perform special tests with the aid of the following machines like:

Bact/Alert ® 3D 60 which is capable of performing blood culture (Your doctor can order your blood to be taken out for culturing of possible micro- organisms that can be the cause of your illness).If there is no micro-organism, one has to wait for five days to be sure of it i.e. to be sure that the blood cultured is “sterile”. But if there is some organism, we might detect it within 24 hours as earliest.
Depending on the day detected (may be 2-4 days), we can perform further testing and issue the results in due time after finding out the antibiotics that are suitable for treating the patient.

For that purpose we use the machine —

Vitex-2 compact – It helps us to identify i.e. to name the micro-organism that is present in the specimen, and also to find out the most suitable antibiotics for treatment purpose .It takes about 6 hours for identification of organisms and another 4 to 6 hours for antibiotic susceptibility testing, a total of 10 to 12 hours to issue the results of culture & antibiotic susceptibility.Before introducing into Vitek -2 machine, processing of the specimens like urine, sputum, stool, pus, CSF or positive blood culture has to be done to isolate the pathogenic microorganism. It takes about 16 – 18 hours.If there is no growth of micro-organism, the result can be issued within 16-18 hours as “sterile”. If there is pathogenic organism isolated, the final report will take 26-30 hours for specimens like urine, stool, pus, CSF etc,
[Your doctor can order all kinds of specimen that can harbor micro-organisms which cause some kind of illness to mankind e.g. for someone who is having cough with expectoration, to take sputum as specimen and send to laboratory to find out which organism is causing his illness — in short, we identify the causal organism and then we proceed to do further tests to find out the drugs i.e. the antibiotics to which this particular organism is susceptible to i.e. which drugs can kill or stop that organism from growing further in the human body. In other words we try to find out the most suitable antibiotics to treat you of your illness.]Because we use the latest technology, we are able to issue the results earlier than the conventional method.