As our country moves forward with urban living, sedentary lifestyle changes and changing food habits, the incidence of obesity in rising for adults and children.

Childhood and adult obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally and is fast becoming a huge problem in Myanmar. Obesity during childhood and adolescence is especially traumatic psychologically and has negative health impacts for adulthood. We emphatically help those with overweight problems and are committed to helping them achieve desirable weights.

Let us help you become a trimmer and leaner YOU

At Parami General Hospital, the Obesity Clinic provides nutritional counseling, medications (if needed), behavior change empowerment, meal planning, food preparation, exercise advice and family support. Our Obesity Specialists and staff are here to help with nutritional advice, behavior modification, meal preparation, recipes, exercise regimen and positive lifestyle changes. You will understand nutritional and health concepts to empower to reach your weight goals.

We help children and families understand food choices and decisions which will help them with overweight issues. We want to help all persons interested in loosing excess weight, for maintaining their desired weight and for developing healthy lifestyle habits.

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Obesity Clinic is open each Saturday from 1:30-3:00pm.