Our state of the art radiographic and imaging equipment and trained technicians can help you and your loved ones in the diagnoses of illnesses, disorders, and diseases. Our digital X-ray equipment helps with diagnoses by providing images of tissue and organs in a cost-effective and digital transfer manner. Digital X-ray with telemedicine allows Parami General Hospital’s Specialists to provide radiographic medical support to surrounding areas and rural area clinics and to provide expedient service.

Digital X-ray                                                                         Digital X-ray of Lung

The Ultrasound service (3D Ultrasound and 4 D ultrasound) uses sound waves to visualize organs and abnormalities as well as allow parents to see their precious baby in the womb. Parents are able to see their little one’s features, movements and expression while allowing physicians to screen for possible problems. We provide you with precious pictures that you can treasure for a lifetime. Whether ultrasonography is used for routine testing, determining medical problems or bringing joy to parents , ultrasound testing helps in making diagnoses and allows physicians to better care for you and reassures parents about the health of their baby.